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At Trace®, we help your company protect, visualise and track personal data, and stay on top of privacy risk. It’s smart GDPR compliance and reporting when you need it, without the fuss. See how Trace® helps you comply.

Build trust, protect your business with Trace’s secure Software as a Service (SaaS) smart platform.

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Simple, visual, agile compliance

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on demand inventory

Managing spreadsheets is difficult, and creating your record of personal data is easy to get wrong. Trace® gives you an auto created and regulator ready inventory, based on the meta data which you process, available when you need it.

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global data locator

Model the personal data in your business, understand international transfers and stay on top of cloud risk. With Trace® you can assess global compliance and discover global meta data locations with our world data map visualiser.

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assess legal & contract gaps

Regulations, complex contracts, Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) and understanding jurisdiction adequacy for processing is a minefield. Trace® helps you navigate the maze of compliance with guided, smart gap analysis.

Intuitive software on demand

Intuitive software on demand

start mapping in minutes, access 24/7 from one secure platform

Traditional compliance is hard work. Static spreadsheets, templates, complex regulations; red tape. Trace is compliance 2.0 for the digitally savvy, fast moving businesses - our software makes compliance visual and bitesized. And you don’t need to be a privacy professional or have a law degree to get it with expert, smart guidance built in.

Why use trace®

  • Visualise your critical information, understand how to keep it safe

  • Protect your business and reputation with smart compliance and third party privacy risk management for your peace of mind

  • Build a culture of Privacy by Design, make a habit of tracking personal data; integrate compliance into your operation

  • Get access to exclusive content, guides and your key compliance documents

  • At Trace® we take data protection seriously. We use best in class security, compliance and privacy standards for our platform

  • Save time and money: efficient, more accurate and streamlined compliance.

trace® software as a service (SAAS)

Discover how Trace® can help make Data Protection and compliance less painful, more automated and easier to manage for your business.