Trace: helping your business comply with the GDPR

It’s been nearly a year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, marking a new era of privacy in Europe and widening the debate globally, with greater scrutiny on the tech giants like Facebook and Google’s data hungry business models.

A lot has happened in what has been a politically seismic a year though, so first a quick recap of the GPDR:

  • Data protection was harmonised, strengthened and updated for the digital age

  • Personal data got a wider definition

  • Data controllers need have a valid lawful basis (of six) for processing personal data

  • Extra-territorial reach: GDPR primarily applies to businesses established in the EU, but also to those outside Europe offering goods and services, or monitor individuals, in the EU

  • Enhanced data rights for individuals

  • Data Protection Officers (DPO) need to be appointed by public authorities or those who carry out large scale data activities

  • If there is high risk personal data breach, the controller has to notify the ICO and those affected within 72 hours.

For more on the golden rules for businesses, read our ‘top ten rules’ guide.

Looking back to 25 May 2018, the run up to the regulatory change was a period of intense activity with many businesses having invested substantial efforts on their GDPR compliance preparations, with others left confused and worried about compliance gaps and risk exposure.

Since then, team Trace have been working incredibly hard to make the job of helping you keep track and take care of personal data easier, and meeting the demand of compliance paperwork more efficiently with our new secure platform. The GDPR is the show not tell regulation so, while the documentation requirements do vary in relation to your business size, it is key that you are ready to evidence your compliance. At Trace, we believe static documents are inefficient, so we have built software which streamlines the process and aligns data mapping to outputs.

We also know the navigating the maze of legislation is tough, which is why we have codified our domain knowledge into a guided, intuitive tool which delivers bite-sized data governance on demand.

So how does Trace help protect your business and comply?

The table below outlines some of the key docs, related GDPR Articles and how Trace will help your organisation meet the compliance burden (alongside good expert advice). 25th May 2018 was just the start for a tighter privacy rules, so remember that compliance or auditing is not just a one off exercise, it’s about baking the principles of Privacy by Design into your operations and culture, and keeping track of the data you process and how that evolves (or using Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) for new projects involving personal data).

We’d love Trace to be part of the way you operate as a future focussed, data driven business and support good risk management and accountability with your team.

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How Trace helps you meet your compliance requirements under GDPR

How Trace helps you meet your compliance requirements under GDPR