5 Reasons why you need Trace

One of the reasons we have created Trace is to help you comply with Data Protection regulations like the GDPR or DPA, but good data governance is so much more than compliance. At Trace we believe that compliance should never be a tick box or annual exercise, it should be embedded into an organisation’s values: into the culture, practice, into the technology approach, strategy and mindset of its leaders and people. That’s the spirit of Privacy by Design: it’s joined up, it’s meaningful, it never stops, it looks at the risks as well as the rewards of a project.

And there’s an old saying in privacy: you shouldn’t collect what you can’t protect, and that’s absolutely true - you need a legal basis and to know you can take care of it before you process data in the first place. But what we’re finding with so many organisations is that there is a real struggle to understand where the personal data is, to track it and then understand how to comply. Trace helps organisations model their personal data - but understanding data is just one of our 5 reasons why companies need Trace - check out the list with our handy infographic. Get in touch to find out more about our software or find out how our professional services can help.

Trace Data
Sorcha Lorimer